Literary communities: Literary Communities

While many of the activities incorporated in Read Today, Lead Tomorrow were built into the curriculum, the majority of our activities and programs were designed to encourage, but not require, participation. The enjoyment of reading is a value we each need to opt into: we can't be forced to love sitting down with a good book or to take pleasure in discussing something we've read with others. With this belief in mind, much of the work of Read Today, Lead Tomorrow is simply providing the members of the Xavier community with opportunities to take part in the enjoyment of reading and encouraging every one of those members to do so.

Literary Events: The overall mandate of Read Today, Lead Tomorrow has been to improve the literary climate on campus. One way we have responded to that challenge has been to enable a greater number of literary events at Xavier. From author readings to panel discussions to movie screenings, we've provided everyone an opportunity to particpate.

Reading Clubs: Whether you call them book clubs or reading groups, getting together with a other people specifically to discuss something you've all read is a great way to better understand what you've read and to better understand the people with whom you are meeting. Book clubs generally focus on some kind of established criteria. A book club of students living on the third floor of the Living/Learning Center might form a book club to read books they want to read. A group of faculty and staff might form a book club to read historical novels. A few friends might start a book club for anyone who wants to read one particular book.