Faculty development: Faculty Development

In order to help all of our students become more active readers, Xavier University must help all of our faculty better understand active reading. Most university faculty have not been trained in the art of reading pedagogy. To address this gap, Xavier's Center for the Advancement of Teaching (CAT) will use on-campus talent as well as off-campus experts to train our faculty on best practices in promoting active reading in any course. The Faculty Development Library is a repository for the materials presented to the faculty during the course of Read Today, Lead Tomorrow. For information about upcoming seminars, workshops, and guest speakers, please see our Calendar of Events page.

    Seminars & Workshops: Every semester, CAT offers three seminars or workshops focusing on a specific component of Read Today, Lead Tomorrow. These are designed to help our faculty find new and effective methods for teaching and reinforcing active reading within the classroom. Here you can find information about past seminars and workshops, listen to recordings of recent sessions, and download the files used by the session leaders.

    Curricular Mini-grants: Although Read Today, Lead Tomorrow is extensive in scope, we know that the activities and programs included in it are not the only means of strengthening our students' active reading skills. Through a generous grant from the Mellon Foundation, the QEP Office is able to provide a limited number of awards up to $1,000 to support innovative methods for helping our students improve their active reading skills.

    Guest Speakers: Every year, the QEP Office will bring one nationally-recognized expert in reading pedagogy to campus to provide our faculty with intensive and unique training and instruction in active reading. Here you can find information about these speakers and download materials used during their visits.