Active and engaged: Active and Engaged

    Active Reading: The Read Today, Lead Tomorrow initiative follows two distinct-although by no means mutually exclusive-paths for implementation. The first path aims at enabling our students to become more active readers. Our students must understand that reading is not merely "the decoding of words." They must possess the cognitive and metacognitive skills to comprehend, interpret, and evaluate a text.

    Engaged Reading: The second path of the Read Today, Lead Tomorrow initiative attempts to enable the students at Xavier University to experience the benefits and reap the rewards of engaged reading. By recognizing the communal and extratextual potential of reading, engaged readers appreciate the impact a text can have in the world outside itself. Engaged readers understand, through experience, that "the state of reading [is] one of intense attention [.] in which the text works on us, not we on it." In order to enable our students to become more engaged readers, Read Today, Lead Tomorrow enhances existing and instigates new opportunities through which students can use what they are reading to more successfully and more thoughtfully interact with the people and the world around them.