With the Read Today, Lead Tomorrow initiative, Xavier University is helping students become more active and engaged readers and developing a culture of reading across campus. This plan was developed in response to the relevant data showing that a significant portion of Xavier students lack proficiency in essential reading skills. This plan aims to achieve to specific, assessible student learning outcomes: 1) to improve students' strategic reading skills and 2) to have students develop into more engaged readers inside and outside of the classroom. To attain these objectives, Read Today, Lead Tomorrow employs a set of activities engaging the entire Xavier community.

Extra Resources

Development Process: In order to determine a meaningful and relevant focus for its QEP, the entire Xavier University community has participated in a narrowing process for the identification of the plan's topic. In each stage of this process the Community has considered a number of viable areas of emphasis and identified those considered to be the most significant to Xavier University at this time.

Contact: Over the course of the two-year development process and its five-year implementation, Read Today, Lead Tomorrow has been and will be worked on by countless people. This page attempts to identify the key players in the development and implementation of the plan.

Service Projects: A basic assumption of the Read Today, Lead Tomorrow initiative is that engaged reading leads means developing stronger and more meaningful connections to the world around us. Being involved with and providing assistance to the community has always been a main tenet of Xavier's mission, and through course-specific service-learning projects and other community service opportunities, Read Today, Lead Tomorrow continues that goal by focusing on literacy. Students can read to children at local schools or participate in the XU Leads program on campus. They can also participate in current events forums held on campus that will help our students and our neighbors better understand the events going on around us.

Reader-Friendly Spaces: One of the more visible changes taking place on Xavier's campus is the establishment of reader-friendly spaces in many of the buildings. In order to promote a culture of reading, the university is designating and furnishing these spaces to provide students, faculty, and staff comfortable and accessible places to sit and read by themselves or with others.